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Anytime you have to invite strangers into your home, it can be unsettling. Be assured that our professional staff will make you feel comfortable. We bring knowledgeable expertise and a genuine respect for your home and your family. You can trust us. We’ll even guarantee our services.

Work Done Right

When you hire Burks Service you can be sure that you’ll get all the information– good and bad – so that you can make the most informed decision about your furnace or air conditioning. Our goal is to provide the best possible service at fair prices, and confidence that the work gets done right, every time.


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The best thing you can do to keep your furnace or air conditioner running at optimum force is to remember to change the air filter. But if you’re one of our many customers who simply forgot, don’t worry – we won’t give you a hard time.

There are other things you can do to keep your system running well and minimize repairs. We’d be happy to discuss these with you, and help you set up a maintenance regimen. We provide scheduled, routine bi-annual maintenance service, so you can spend your time doing something you enjoy better. And we promise not to forget to change the filter.


Sometimes even the best maintained systems come in need of a repair. When you are without heating or air conditioning, we do our best to get to you within 48 hours. In emergency situations of extreme heat or cold, we’ll get to you sooner.

Our professionals are effective at troubleshooting the problem and cost of repair. Every now and then we may fix one problem only to uncover another, but you can be sure that we’ll do everything we can to avoid any unexpected expense beyond the initial estimate.


How often should I check my air filter?
It is recommended that you check your air filter monthly. Although most can perform up to three months before cleaning (permanent filters) or changing (disposable/cardboard), it depends on the season and type of filter. When replacing a disposable filter, be sure to place the new filter correctly. Locate the arrow that indicates airflow and point it towards the furnace or air handler.
Where is my air filter located?
Different systems have different filter locations. Typically, you can locate an access door to the removable filter in the return air duct next to the furnace or indoor unit. This may be located in an attic or garage, or can also be found in a basement, utility closet or crawl-space. When systems are older, the filter may be located inside the furnace itself, next to the blower motor.
How often should I have my equipment serviced?
All heating and air conditioning equipment should be serviced annually, regardless of the type or brand. Annual servicing should include cleaning and inspection to avoid any unexpected repairs. We recommend having the heating system checked in the fall and the air conditioning checked in the spring.