So You Need a New System

We know that no one looks forward to replacing their heating or air conditioning system. But you do look forward to heating and cooling your home more effectively and efficiently. Choose Burks Service Company and we’ll take the time to help you make the most informed decision.


We’ll talk to you about how you live in your home, how long you plan to own your home and what is most important to you in a system. In the long run, we want you to feel good about your decision.


NO interest and NO payments for 1 year!*

*Subject to qualifying credit approval on select systems. Interest accrues during the promotional period but is waived if the entire purchase is paid in full before the expiration of the promotional period. Expires 6/30/21


Whether you need to replace an existing heating or air conditioning system, or are looking for the right system for your new or newly remodeled home or business, feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to sit down with you and talk about your wants, your needs, your desired results, your long-term plan for the structure and your budget. We’ll also ask you a few questions, to make sure we’ve uncovered every possible option. Our objective is to give you the most cost efficient solution for your long-term plan.

Smooth Sailing

Once a system is chosen, you can rest assured we’ll use only the best quality products available. We’re a Bryant dealer, and will always give you the very best recommendations for a system that will match your lifestyle and provide optimum efficiency. We have great financing available also, to help you manage the cost.

Our technicians make the installation process as painless as possible. We’ll schedule a time most convenient for you, and our professional and respectful technicians will make you feel at ease. Plus, all of our services are guaranteed.


What size heating/cooling system do I need?
Having the right size system is very important. If the system for your home is too large, it may quickly satisfy the thermostat but without enough time to adequately remove moisture from the air, causing the air to be more humid. This could lead to moisture and mold problems. In addition, the stress of frequent stops and starts will cause unnecessary stress on your equipment, resulting in more repairs and increased utility bills. On the flip-side, a system that is too small simply cannot adequately heat and cool in extreme weather. Such a system will continuously run in the effort, causing higher utility bills. There are many factors associated with choosing the right size. A professional should take into account the size and type of structure, type of walls and windows, size of windows, insulation situation, and more.
What are the benefits of a variable speed furnace?
The term “variable speed” refers to the blower motor inside the furnace. This type of motor, called an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM), is a DC motor that uses a built-in inverter and a magnet rotor, resulting in the ability to achieve greater efficiency than most AC motors. The initial cost of a variable speed furnace will be higher than a traditional furnace, but typically pays for itself in about four to five years due to low-maintenance, energy efficiency and reduction of operating costs.
How does a variable speed furnace work?
A variable speed furnace has the ability to run at different speeds and deliver precise amounts of air, due to advanced technology that consistently monitors data coming from the system and adjusts accordingly, based on your preferred settings. More precise airflow results in a better balance of temperature and humidity. Because the motor increases speed gradually, it is less noisy and reduces stress on mounting hardware. In the cooling mode, it allows more removal of moisture from the air.